• Under lockdown level 1 of the Risk Adjusted Strategy,
    liquor sales are allowed as per the restrictions in the
    National Disaster Regulations.

    All liquor licence holders are requested to comply with
    the Regulations and support of the government during
    this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Alert Level 1 Risk Adjusted Strategy

    The sale of liquor by a licensed premises for off-consumption is permitted
    from 09:00 to 17:00, Mondays to Fridays
    but closed on weekends and
    public holidays.

    Night clubs are still closed for the public.

    Liquor Licence Holders are encouraged to adhere to the COVID-19 protocol.
  • 09 September is International Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Day

    FAS is the most common preventable form of mental disability in the world
    and occur in children of mothers who drink alcohol during their pregnancies.
    During a woman’s nine month pregnancy journey she should abstain from
    drinking alcohol.

  • Renewal fees have increased. Renew your liquor
    licence annually by 31 December. For correct fees,
    call (021) 204 9805 OR check official notices on our website.

  • Event and Temporary Liquor Licence must be
    applied for 39 days before the first day of the event.

  • Did you know you can report irresponsible and illegal
    liquor traders? Have your say and report illegal
    traders affecting your community. Call (021) 204 9805 or
    Email liquor.enquiries@wcla.gov.za



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