Is the business licenced to sell alcohol?
Is the business licenced to sell alcohol?
1. Details of complainant:
Details of complainant:
Full Names
Telephone number
2. Details of the premises complained about:
Details of the premises complained about:
Address of premises
Type of business
Licence Number
Please indicate which complaint category your complaint relates to
4. Details of your complaint
Please provide as much information as possible (date, time and how often), including full details of what the complaint is about and please attach copies of all relevant documentation you have to support your complaint. Please also tell us how the transgressions are impacting on you. Provide us with details on:
When did the transgression occur or does it happen frequently (e.g. every weekend)?
How is the transgression impacting on you and other people?
What would you like to see happening?
What do you suggest as a solution?
Have you complained to any of the following about this business? When?
  1. A record is kept of all complaints.  
  1. The Western Cape Liquor Authority may send the complaint to other units like the SAPS or Law Enforcement to investigate if the matter falls under their mandate.
  1. If the complaint is referred to another unit the complainant will be informed.
  1.  The inspector will investigate the complaint.
  1. The inspector who investigates the complaint must contact the complainant to provide feedback on the outcome thereof.
  1. There are three possible outcomes to the investigation:
  1. No evidence of the alleged contravention is found. In this instance your complaint will be closed;
  2. A compliance notice may be issued;  or
  3. A file may be referred to the Liquor Licensing Tribunal which may decide to cancel the license, issue a fine, suspend the license or take any other steps which might be necessary under the circumstances.
You will be notified of the outcome of the investigation and any decision to close your complaint, as well as the reasons for such decision.
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